I am currently not taking on any new customers. If you would like a reflexologist please refer to the Association of Reflexologists web site which will provide links to a local reflexologist

I have always been interested in health and the concept that our bodies have the ability to re-balance and heal if we take care of them. After being made redundant whilst on maternity leave following the birth of my twins in 2012, this presented the opportunity to explore my desire to help others benefit from a balanced holistic approach to self-care. I am a full member of the Association of Reflexologists.

I love reflexology because it is such a beneficial, non-invasive therapy that can profoundly affect your whole body. Reflex points are touched on the feet which stimulate the organs and systems in the body allowing any blocked or sluggish ‘chi’ or energy to move freely and restore balance to the body. When our bodies are in balance they ‘run smoothly’ allowing us to resist diseases and be healthy.

Treatments can be carried out at my home in Fair Oak or in your home or workplace, depending on location and access. Please contact me for more information and prices. An average treatment will last around 50 minutes. The first session will include an additional 20 minute consultation and medical questionnaire.

When dealing with a specific health issue, most clients find that a course of 3 to 6 sessions is what is needed to help bring the body back to balance and wellness. To book a session, I can be reached by email karen@head2heel.co.uk.